Projects We’ve Completed

Success Through Hard Work and Strong Relationships in the Community

G & G Hauling and Excavating is proud to offer examples of our work through the projects we have completed. Our family and employees have been playing in the dirt for more than 50 years. Our belief in caring about our community has led to projects with many local churches, Habitat for Humanity, and the Kosciusko County Fair. Large projects with companies like Creighton Brothers and Louis Dreyfus Company allowed us to exceed expectations and grow. G & G and their exemplary employees would be nothing without the wonderful customers and companies they have worked with through the years.

One of the top if not the top site work company we work with and we work with companies in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. We work with G&G because of the excellence, quality, and commitment of their employees from top to bottom.

Larry Weigand, CEO - Weigand Construction