Commercial and Industrial Site Development and Site Utilities

Basic Grading to Large-Scale Excavation

G & G Hauling and Excavating offers services from basic grading to large-scale excavation and site development.

  • Mass Excavation – Large Scale excavation and placement of materials using late model fleet earthmoving equipment.
  • Total Site Development – Design, layout and construction for mass excavation, grading, site utilities, building excavation, and erosion control.
  • Laser/GPS Grading – Latest Technology of 2D and 3D laser/GPS equipped machinery for grading of building pads, parking lots, and large sites.
  • Dewatering – installation and maintenance of above ground and sub-surface dewatering, well point, and wick systems.
  • City/County Street Construction – Equipment and experience for projects from reconstruction of city and county streets and roads to installation of new structures. Complete or partial removal of existing pavement and the site development for new asphalt preparation.
  • Utility Locating Services – Hydro vacuuming of existing utilities using high-pressure water excavation. Hand locating and mapping of existing utilities. Jet vacuuming, locator, installation, and maintenance.
  • Erosion Control Seeding, Mulching, and Straw Crimping – Installation and maintenance of silt fence, check dams, straw blankets, inlet protectors, rip rap shoots, temporary seeding, etc.
  • Sanitary Sewer Installation – Rehabilitation of old and installation of new sanitary sewer systems.
  • Lift Station Installation and Maintenance – Sanitary lift station installation, rehabilitation, and maintenance.
  • Storm Sewer Installation – Installation of storm water systems including detention/retention, subsurface conveyance and storage, and rehabilitation of existing storm systems.
  • Storm Basin Construction – Construction of large or small storm sewer catch basins. Detention basin construction, maintenance, and engineering.
  • Domestic Water Installation & Fire Protection – IAWC certified installer. Domestic and fire water system installation, rehabilitation, testing, and flushing.
  • Foundation Excavation and Backfill – Small and large foundation excavation and backfill projects.
  • Ponds/Levees Construction – Construction of ponds and levees for site development and agricultural purposes. Clay lining and bentonite blankets.
  • Parking Lots and Driveways – Design and layout, cut/fill grading and sub-base.
  • Pipe Videoing – Storm and Sanitary sewer pipe videoing and reporting.
  • Air/Vacuum Testing – Vacuum and pressure testing of water, sewer, storm lines, and manholes.

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